Erica Campbell Talks ‘We’re The Campbells’ & Her Secret For Maintaining Her Wigs & Weaves

Hype Hair: You released a single called “Well Done” that really connected with people. Can you tell us a little about what this particular song means to you, and about any other new music that you will be releasing soon?
Erica Campbell: “Well Done” is what I want to hear when it’s all over, when I see Jesus! I choose Jesus on purpose, not because I couldn’t do anything else with my life. That’s the cool thing about faith. It’s a choice to give your life to God and have a strong faith in His love and His plan for you! I love this song. The new one, called “All Of My Life,” is a duet with my man, War- ryn Campbell. It’s the first time we’ve recorded together. It’s fun and fresh and lit. We’re shooting the video in a few weeks! First time with my hubby and I’m super excited!

HH: As an artist, a wife, the first lady of a church and a businesswoman, how do you balance all the different areas of your life?
Take it one day at a time. I accept what I can and cannot do. I know they—work, marriage, parenting and business—are all blessings, and that’s how I look at it all! God gives me strength to do it, plus I listen to my body and how I feel. I try not to be unrealistic with my schedule, and yes, I know it still sounds crazy! It’s hard to explain, but somehow it just works. Basically, I trust God with my life.

HH: Speaking of being a businesswoman, can you tell us a little about your luxury hair collection, Erica By Erica Campbell?
OK. I love hair and have loved hair since I was a little girl. I went to school for hair at El Camino College in Torrance, California. This hair line happened because of Vernon Martin in the DMV [D.C./ Maryland/Virginia] area, whom I love. We’ve been working on this for a few years now, and it’s going well. We have wigs, bundles, lashes and clip-ins on our site. He said there is never a weekend when a woman doesn’t ask for one of my many looks! Some amazing women—like the legendary Cicely Tyson—have worn my line.

HH: As the owner of your own hair collection, can you share your suggestions on how to maintain wigs and weaves?
For your weaves and wigs, you have to give them the same love as your natural hair. Sometimes I “soak” my units in conditioner overnight. I keep them on wig heads, and I’m gentle with combing and styling them so I don’t lose too many strands. I send my wigs to get treated by my stylist, because I switch it up a lot!

HH: What is your day-to-day hair care routine?
EC: Whether [I do] wigs or natural, I moisturize daily with a leave-in conditioner and add grape-seed and coconut oils so my hair stays healthy, even under my wigs! Maintaining my ends with trims is important, as well.

HH: What is your favorite tried and true hair care tip, and what products do you use on your hair?
EC: Love your hair like you love your skin! I love Creme of Nature, SheaMoisture, ORS Olive Oil hair-care products, Eco Style gel and Carol’s Daughter! I use a lot of natural shea butter as well. I’m kind of a product junkie—I like trying new things!

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