Hype Chat: Celeb Hairstylist Charmeka Augustine-Young Talks Trends, Techniques & Taking Over

LaTavia Roberson

LaTavia Roberso // Photo Credit: Spike The Designer

HH: What are some of your favorite hair trends right now?
CAY: My favorite hair trends are definitely different wig styles, but I want to get more back to basics with weaves so it’s not so clouded with the same looks. I want to do more cosmic and modernized styling–more sleek and sexy hairstyles.

HH: What products do you find work well with weave units as well as sew-ins?
CAY: One product is edge control that can be used for fly-aways, as well as wax sticks, which can be used for leave outs before blending in with the hair; and flat-ironing, so blending will be easier.

HH: We see that you work with clients who deal with alopecia, balding and thinning. What is some advice you would give to anyone dealing with these hair issues?
CAY: I would tell them that they are not alone. My mother deals with this problem, as well, and has for quite some time. Less is best! Gluing and sew-ins are definitely not the answer, either. Of course, frontals and lace wigs cover up the problem, but you don’t want to make the problem worse by braiding and pulling and causing too much tension on the hair. Go to a physician to help give you further steps to see exactly what the problem is, and wear your natural hair out so the scalp can breathe. Customized wigs help, as well, so you can feel secure.

HH: What are some of your tips for styling natural textures? What are you go-to products?
CAY: I think it’s important to embrace your natural texture! A natural hairstylist would be great so you can get in your vibe of being able to play around with your different natural hairstyles. That way there is no causing heat damage to the hair [and] a natural hairstylist can help their client to embrace their curl pattern with different protective styles. They also specialize in defining those curls when you want to wear it out.

HH: What are you go-to products?
Moroccan oil product line is great. SheaMoisture is great as well for natural hair. But consulting with a natural hairstylist is always best before purchasing any products so they can tell you what’s best for your hair type.

HH: The most important thing for all hair mavens is to maintain a healthy mane. What are some tips you can share to help guide us through our hair journey?
CAY: Make a note to yourself: as the seasons change so should your products, rather you are relaxed or natural. During the summer, you need more protein because of the heat, and during the winter, you need more moisture because it gets cold. Relaxers should change as well, as you will need more oil-based relaxers during the winter to retain moisture–absolutely no calcium based relaxers during the winter. And natural hair just mostly needs moisture 24/7!

HH: What are some of your favorite hair techniques?
CAY: My favorite hair techniques are the braid-less sew-ins, Keratin tip extensions, Fusion Extensions and traditional sew-ins. The hair is mostly wet during this but gives the hair more versatility and looks more natural.

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