Hype Chat: Celeb Hairstylist Hair By Ivy Talks Rise In Hollywood, Hair Trends & More

Hair By Ivy

Hype Hair: The great debate: silk closures vs. lace closures? What’s your go-to?
Hair By Ivy: I love lace closures. Most people don’t know that, but my clients who sit in my chair do just because lace closures can be glue-less. You don’t have to use any adhesives and when I’m trying to get some of my big Hollywood glam looks, lace closures are able to give me that volume that I need. I’m able to sew tracks into that closure to give it that big and full look. When I’m doing bob styles, I like to use them epecially with the blunt cuts and edgy looks.

HH: How would educate clients who are interested in wearing lace closures, but are scared of having a wiggy look?
HBI: How I normally get my clients to wear a lace closure is by letting them know that a lace closure is not as high maintenance a wig.The longevity of lace closures are unmatched. You can workout with a lace closure versus a wig that’s applied with adhesive. Adhesive is heat-resistant. With a lace closure, it can be worn up to three to four different installs.We can do different styles with a lace closure. You can have a side part, middle part —  you can switch up. Next time you go to your stylist, you can even do a part in the middle with a blunt cut bob.

Wigs make the client to stick to one style — and if it’s not maintained probably when they come in, they have to buy a new unit. Many people also allow glue to seep through the lace and others may sractch their lace thinking it’s their scalp and end up poking holes in it. With lace closures, you don’t have that problem because it’s only covering your leave out.

HH: Who is your dream dream celebrity client?
HBI: My dream client is Nicki Minaj. I love, love her. I am confident enough that I may be able to do her hair this year. I just don’t know where she is. She hasn’t been posting on social media and it’s driving me crazy. But, I love Nicki Minaj. That’s my sister (laughter).

HH: If you had to give any advice to aspiring celeb hairstylists what would you share?
HBI: Stay inspired. I tell everyone to always stay inspired and never give up on your dreams. If you love to do hair, don’t settle for less, work hard and never give up.

HH: Do you have any new projects in the works?
HBI: Yes, I do. It’s called Ivy League Academy. I also have another project where I am actually making wigs for cancer patients by wig rentals. They would be able to rent a wig from me for 3-6 months and be able to switch it up after their contract and rent another wig and not have to pay full price for a wig. That’s what I’m working on for cancer patients and anyone who suffers from alopecia.

HH: What is your ultimate goal as a hairstylist?
HBI: My ultimate goal is to have my own hair academy where I teach aspiring hairstyles different techniques and trends. Like a school but I call it an academy because its more advanced and continuing education courses.

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