Lynn Whitfield Talks Transition From Relaxers To Natural Hair & Celebrating Beauty

Lynn Whitfield

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Tatayana Yomary: Speaking of beauty, you look amazing!
Lynn Whitfield: Thank you so much. This young man did my makeup and did such a wonderful job.

TY: Can you tell us about your hair?
LW: My hair- I’m going natural! That’s my wave. We just got some hair that can be wet and matches the natural curl pattern of my hair. I’m really excited because I haven’t really unrolled it yet. It’s growing and I just can’t wait. I know four years from now it’s really going to be behind my back. It’s here already (shows hair length by collar bone). But what I didn’t know was the draw up thing. Shrinkage is real!

TY: How important do you think it is for Black women to embrace our natural hair?
LW: Well. I can’t decide anything for anyone else. I just realized about three years ago that I didn’t even know what my natural texture is. And, I just became curious about it. “Let’s see. What is it really?” And, now I’m just starting to see the pattern coming out and I like it. It’s a pretty curl. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I can pull it back, I don’t know, but we’ll see. It’s going to be an adventure, a journey. I’m so excited. I look forward to doing all this exploration. And as Greenleaf continues, we can do something with the magazine.

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