Andy Allo Talks Music, Acting And Her Ever-Changing Tresses

Andy Allo

Photo Credit: Instagram/@andyallo // Hair & Makeup: Taylour Chanel

Hype Hair: How do you care for your gorgeous hair, and is it relaxed or natural?
Andy Allo: Well I had a big ‘fro and then a baby ‘fro, went blonde, did the big chop, went platinum and then grey, shaved my head and six months ago, decided to get a relaxer. I want to be able to talk and give advice when anyone is thinking about doing something with their hair—and if I haven’t done it, how can I speak on it? I’ve found that with relaxed hair, there are a lot of similarities to the way I cared for my natural hair. I make sure my hair is always moisturized, I don’t wash it every day; when I do, I use a non-stripping shampoo. I also use a silk pillow to sleep on and a MicroFiber Towel to dry my hair. My hair is still wavy, which I love—so even though I’m relaxing it now, I don’t relax it to the point where all my curls are gone.

HH: Do you ever wear extensions?
AA: I don’t wear extensions, but I would love to. Now, having short hair, I think it’d be a lot of fun to play with extensions. I can’t wait to jump into that world!

Hype Hair : What are your favorite hair products that our readers might have access to?
Andy Allo: My favorite products are DevaCurl Decadence No Poo and Conditioner; DevaCurl Arc AnGEL Firm Hold Gel; African Pride Olive Miracle Hair Moisturizer; and Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer.

HH: What hairstyles do you enjoy wearing the most?
AA: My hair has changed a lot, so now that it’s in a short pixie, I love straightening it and slicking it down. When I’m feeling more rock ’n roll, I’ll slick down the sides and leave the top wavy and uffy, like a fauxhawk.

HH: Are there any other celebrities’ hair looks that you like?
AA: Ooh, yes! I love these women’s hair and style: Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lopez and Tracee Ellis Ross.

HH: What is your fashion story?
AA: My fashion sense is evolving. I feel like I was more bohemian- chic, with lots of fringe and oversized jackets, and now I’m looking to transition to a more retro-modern vibe—high- waisted pants, slacks, vintage blouses and boots.

HH: How do you pull your look together when you’re in a hurry?
AA: I recently streamlined my closet, which makes it so much easier to grab things that work when I’m in a rush. I have my go-to high-waisted jeans; a T-shirt or tank, half tucked; a jacket or sweater; and my Steve Madden boots.

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