‘Hair Nah’ Video Game Is The Hair Training I Wish Everyone Had

Hair Nah

When coder MomoPixel dropped her black girl ode to video games last week, we were all obsessed. “Hair Nah” is the retro personification of the exoticism of our hair. Every Black girl everywhere can recount at least one time that someone reached out to touch their natural, long, short, colored, braided, straight, pixie’d do without so much as an ask or an after thought.

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Be clear, it’s draining to continue to block this personal invasion day after day, year after year. So, when I had the chance to hand swat and block these space invaders while trying to get my travel on in this pixelated world, I was there for it. For starters, there were avatars that actually looked like me. Being able to select a non-ashy brown skin tone and bantu knot hairstyle was the equivalent of seeing all 40 Fenty Beauty shades in stock at one time. Black girl euphoria.

The actual act of swatting my way to Havana on three difficulty levels was also quite therapeutic. The hands were a hilarious nod to a very real situation. Yes, we all had jokes sharing the link, but it was another empowering move in our ongoing reminder to not touch our hair.  One week later, I am still here for it and high key wish this game was a requisite for everyone ever guilty of committing this sin.

Have you played Hair Nah, yet? Let us know how you feel below.

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