KAIKE Founder Keli Smith Shares How Her Natural Hair Journey Inspired Sweet New Hair And Body Care Line


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HH: What was the first product you created?
KS: The first thing was the Frosting. Back then, I think I called it Body Frosting and it had a lot of scents. As the brand has grown and evolved, I have kind of narrowed in on the focus of things. The formula was a little thicker and not quite as refined. Nothing at all like the creamy frosting that it is now.

HH: What’s your current favorite product?
KS: Right now, it would be the Marshmallow Mask and Scrub. My skin kind of changes with the seasons and right now my skin is really loving the marshmallow mask and scrub. I like that I can use it as a scrub if I need a little bit of exfoliation, but I also include it once a week in my skincare routine and it keeps it nice and clear.

HH: Where do your source the ingredients?
KS: We build very close relationships with the vendors that we’ve found. So there are maybe four vendors that we work with exclusively and we really make sure that we’ve built real relationships with them where we can ask those questions and they can give us real answers as opposed to just you know as opposed to buying some mango butter on Amazon.

HH: That makes good sense. Our readers often ask what it means to be all natural and organic and so many brands have different definitions.
KS:I guess that’s the tricky part. There are so many brands that say ‘Oh, we’re natural’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. Sometimes that could just mean it came from this, but we converted into something else that’s not natural anymore. Every single thing that’s in our ingredient is an actual plant or an extract of an actual plant or the butter of an actual plant. It’s not anything else.

HH: It’s so simple. We noticed most of the products have a short list of ingredients — and we can pronounce everything!
KS: Yes.That’s kind of what I wanted I want something that you know no fuss, no extra bells and whistles. I wanted to really speak for itself. I want the ingredients to speak for themselves and I want us to get back to simple. We all grew up learning that beauty is pain and all that, but it really should be simple.

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