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Dr. Michalyn Porter / Weave Dryer

After experiencing hair loss from improper hair weave maintenance, Beauty Boss Dr. Michalyn D. Porter made it her business to create a solution to help regrow her hair. At the root of her issue was bacterial build-up and a “sour smell” that was caused by not properly drying her own hair beneath the weave installation.

She soon invented the Weave Dryer, an blow-dryer attachment to reduce weave drying time, after her grandmother came to her in a dream. Billed as the first universal and unbreakable blow-dryer nozzle attachment created specifically weaves, the game-changing tool is now making waves as an innovative way to prevent mold and bacteria from ruining weaves.

Since launching, Michalyn has been working to spread the word on her invention, even earning a spot on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome where she competed against other entrepreneurs for a chance to win $100K in capital for her business. We recently chatted with the Beauty Boss to learn more about her creation.

Weave Dryer

Hype Hair: Tell us about the Weave Dryer.
Dr. Michalyn Porter: It’s called the Weave Dryer® and it’s exactly that: A way for ladies to completely dry their hair extensions. The nozzle provides a way to quickly and conveniently dry these types of hairstyles after maintenance. The nozzle is made of heat-resistant rubber and features several thin, elongated hollow tubes that facilitate the passage of air into the hair. The nozzle gently dries hair faster than sitting under a hooded dryer. It’s absolutely the best and healthiest way to eliminate the possibility of having wet hair on your scalp when wearing extensions.

HH: What inspired you to create the Weave Dryer? 
MP: The health of women who wear hair extensions is at stake. This is a real issue. Many ladies suffer with moldy hair in their hair extensions. And, I personally experienced a hair infection in 2015. I lost a section of my hair because I wasn’t drying my extensions properly. Wet hair extensions equal a wet scalp, which results in a dark, damp place that becomes a haven for mold spores. Mold spores are naturally found in the air and are invisible to the naked eye. Mold spores can feed on the moisture that is trapped inside wet hair that doesn’t completely dry.

As mold grows, it enters the hair shaft and causes permanent damage, which may lead to folliculitis and alopecia. Using the Weave Dryer® will prevent mold spores from growing because it helps to properly dry hair. The Weave Dryer® is for women who shampoo their hair extensions and hate to sit under a hooded dryer. It’s also for women who work out.

HH: You say you literally dreamed up the attachment. Can you explain?

MP: I installed hair extensions and went on a New Year’s Eve cruise with my family last year. I ended up completely drenched from head-to-toe once I was coerced to get on the twisty water slide with my older daughter. After I washed my hair, I couldn’t dry my extension tracks properly. The foundation braids underneath my extensions were totally saturated with water. I tried to dry my hair as best I could, but the tracks were still engorged with water. Thus, water was dripping down my neck. I was so embarrassed. I had to take a towel to the formal banquet to catch the water. I became so frustrated and angry with my weave.

That night, as we were eating, I complained to my husband and told him I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a product on the market to help ladies dry their weave tracks. He said, “Michalyn, you should create a product yourself.” I went to bed upset, with a wet head, hoping my tracks would be dry in the morning.

When I went to sleep, I had a dream. I was with my grandmother, and she handed me a cup-like object that had straws with holes attached. She told me to put the object on the end of my blow dryer. Then I woke up. I grabbed a cocktail napkin by the bed and drew what I’d seen in my dream. I showed the drawing to my husband, and he freaked out and told me to patent it. The rest is history.

HH: What’s up next for you and the Weave Dryer?
MP: Right now, I am getting the word out. It can be purchased on our website,

A version of this article originally appeared in the Hype Hair September 2017 issue.

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