#AskTheExpert: How To Tell If You Have A Hair Fungus (And How To Get Rid Of It)

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Anti-fungal creams aren’t just for yeast infections.

Monistat 7 has been a longtime under-the-radar fix in the hair community. “I’m not personally pushing this,” said Tendai, “but this has been identified as big way to treat the fungus and I know people have done it. It’s just an anti-fungal cream. Miconazole citrate is actually what they use in anti-fungal shampoos, but it’s just in a cream form that allows it to absorb into your scalp better instead of having the sulfates drying your hair out.”

Tendai also shared that a client of hers who worked in pharmaceuticals had used it after years of suffering from a bald spot on the top her her head.

“She actually mixed my argan oil with it and started oiling her scalp with it and now has a whole head of hair. So, it does work,” she added. “The way I look at it is the anti-fungal cream will actually kill the fungus and allow whatever follicles that are still active to produce hair. I talked to several doctors who say it works, but I am kind of leery of telling people to do it all the time since we don’t know the long term effects.”

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