CreativeSoul Is Inspiring Kids To Love Their Natural Hair One Photo At A Time

CreativeSoul Photography

Photo Credit: CreativeSoul Photography // Hair by LaChanda Gatson

Hype Hair: What kind of feedback have you gotten from the parents and kids?
Kahran Bethencourt: It’s been an overwhelming! We get messages from parents all time that they show our social media feed and pictures to their kids to show them beautiful children with natural hair. A lot of times, they say our pictures have eve inspired their own children to want to wear their own natural curls. We also get a lot of parents saying that a lot times they were not sure about wearing it, but now they kind of see it in a different light.

HH: How has the general perception of natural hair and kids changed since you first started?
KB: It’s helped to normalize it a bit more so people are more accepting of natural hair and the different styles that we can do. Before, it was a little taboo to showcase these kids. There was this stigma that it had to be the looser curls, so we wanted to show all different types of hair textures and all different types of styles. I think we’ve helped it  become a little bit more acceptable when they’re seeing these kids being featured in some of the main kids’ fashion magazines or on Gap or other places. There is still a lot more that I would like to see, but it’s a start.

CreativeSoul Photography

Photo Credit: CreativeSoul Photography // Hair by Maraz

HH: What inspires you to continue on this journey of natural hair celebration?
KB: It’s inspiring to us to see the kids being able to see themselves in images online and in advertisements. I actually put out a post the other day because I went to Children’s place, Gap, Target, Old Navy, J. Crew and all of those places all had natural hair kids as their main feature. This is what progress looks like.

HH: Tell us about your book, A World Of Curls, coming out later this fall. What should we expect?
KB: We have been traveling all over the US shooting photographing kids in the style that we do. We’ve been to all the major cities, so decided to do a world tour. We visited eight countries in about a month in October of last year. We did several countries in Europe, South Africa, Ghana, Cuba. We compiled that all into a really cool coffee table book that highlights kids all around the world celebrating their natural curls. It puts a stamp on everything that we’ve been doing up until now and it’s kind of a culminations of all the places that we’ve visited in the US as well as around the world capturing kids with natural hair.

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