Study Shows The Average Woman Spends Nearly $4K A Year On Beauty Products

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If you love beauty products anywhere near as much as I do, then it should come as no surprise that such an obsession can weigh heavily on your wallet. Between serums that claim to reverse the hands of time, facial masks that promise a healthy glow and shimmering highlighters and lipsticks, things can get out of hand.

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Every little beauty product you buy adds up, whether you’re a luxury department store kind of gal or a lover of budget-friendly drugstore beauty buys. But, the real question is, how much are you really spending?

According to Allure, the good folks over at our favorite deal site, Groupon, did the math. They surveyed a group of users, totaling up just how much money ladies routinely spend on their appearance. It’s a lot.

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Giving a detailed lineup of money spent per month, year, and lifetime, the average woman spends close to a quarter of a million dollars ($225,360 to be exact) on her appearance in her lifetime. Yes, ladies. You could buy a home or pay off your student loans with those funds. And, if you divide that into 12, that’s nearly $4,000 a year.

Interestingly enough, Groupon also found that $50K of those dollars are spent solely on face products. In addition, they found that money spent on appearance changes with age, as those in their 20s spent most of their earnings on makeup, while people in their 30s spent more than any other age group on anti-aging products.

Basically, we could all probably scale back on our spending when it comes beauty buys or at least turn to more DIY methods.

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