Here’s How To Score Flawless Skin Like Frank Ocean’s Mom, Katonya Breaux

Photo Credit: Tom Newton/ Into The Gloss

Day Time

For her daily beauty routine, she washes her face with Glamglow’s Supercleanse Clearing Cleanser. She then follows up with Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. “It acts like an antioxidant, and it also protects against pollution, and it’s like an additional sun defense. It’s really good, I think it’s one of their best products,” she shared. “I’ll put on an eye cream, and right now I’m between Murad and Dermalogica. I’ll use the Murad until it’s gone.”

Night Time

Katonya also shared her night time routine, which is based around a heavy cream: “The heavier it is, the better. Right now it’s Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Balm and I pile it on. Depending on my skin, I’ll mix a little coconut oil in my hand and layer it on. My skin’s dry, I’m getting older, and it doesn’t make me break out.”

“Sometimes I use retinol, but I’m sensitive to it,” she continued. “I can use it once, twice a week at most. But I have something coming up I won’t use it because it really does make me peel. And that’s just the Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream, it’s not even prescription. Could you imagine if I had prescription retinol? [Laughs] But that cell turnover is important.”

Photo Credit: Tom Newton/ Into The Gloss

In addition to the aforementioned products, she loves facial, spotlighting her monthly microdermabrasion at Calabasas Medspa as a must. “Other than that, my routine isn’t very fancy. Moisture, sun protection, and regular exfoliation. That’s it,” she concluded.

So, there you have it ladies. Want to look as flawless at Katonya? Just remember to moisturize, protect your skin from the sun with SPF and exfoliate regularly.

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