KeKe Wyatt Shaves Head To Support Of Her Child Fighting Cancer

Keke Wyatt

Photo Credit: J. Countess/WireImage

KeKe Wyatt just joined a slew of celebs who have big chopped this season. However, the singer didn’t do it for fashion – she did it to support her child. Keke, who is also five months pregnant, revealed on Instagram that one of her children is battling cancer and lost all of their hair in the process. To help her little one cope. she big chopped.

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“Plz pray for my family… Haven’t really said to much about my personal life,” she posted.  “But my child has been fighting cancer and lost all of their hair that they loved. It hurts me so bad. So to show Mommy’s support I’m going to get @keever_west to shave me bald today.”

She then had her brother Keever cut her hair live on Instagram Live and later shared a pic of the buzzed blonde ‘do along with a picture of her aunt who also shaved her head in support.

Feeling kinda empty today!!! SMH

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We’re not sure of the status of her child’s treatment, but she did share on Monday (June 27) that her child was doing better. “My baby is up walking around… praise God!!!”

Prayers up and well wishes to Keke and her family.

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