5 New Video Games That Actually Got Black Characters’ Hair Right

Beyond Good & Evil 2I am in no way gamer (coding and new hair finds are more my steez), but the times I have glanced at my friends’ game play, I have always been disenchanted by the lack of options and realism for the Black characters. The hair is either a super white-washed one-size does-not-fit-all template or over-the-top-clownish. Or plastic-looking. Nothing looked even passable —  especially anything cornrowed. Just a total fail.

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So, I was too thrilled to happen upon an article on Kotaku having a serious discourse on how games are finally getting Black hair right — including natural textures. In it, the writer shared her experiences from last week’s E3 2017 festival and the “refreshing palette of kinky, coily, textured hair” she saw while doing reviews.

So, of course, I spent a good hour or so streaming video game trailers to see just how believable they really were. Click through for five games from her list that are definitely giving me hair feels. 

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