Keke Palmer Reveals Why She Shaved & Dyed Her Hair Purple

she a lil' street but she so suhweet

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Keke Palmer has become the unofficial queen of the switch-up. We never know what to expect from hair chameleon who is known for rocking as many looks in a week as there are days. Less than a month ago, after slaying our lives with a series of burgundy braids, updos and bobs, she shaved it all off for a buzzed baldie. And now, she’s showing off her purple passion with her latest mane statement.

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The beauty took to social media to show off her newly dyed look paired with a color coordinated tee, with tongue-in-cheek captions like  “she’s the wildcard you wanna be holding” and “she a lil’ street but she so suhweet”.

She's the wildcard you wanna be holding.

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We couldn’t help but wonder what inspired the dramatic new looks. The singer revealed to Refinery29 that she did it for the buzz:

“I wanted to start over. My texture has changed quite a bit over the years from all the things I’ve done to it. I really want to be able to let my hair rest and become its own thing. I also really wanted to be bald!”

She also shared that she’s looking to put together a new wardrobe for the ‘do.

“For me, style is all about self-expression. I’m in a place in my life where I realized I don’t have anything stopping me from expressing myself in any facet, and that makes me happy.”

With her hair as the ultimate accessory, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next – and, neither can she! Are you feeling her latest look? Sound off below. 

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