Hype Chat: Avery*Sunshine On Her Love Story With Hair and New Album, ‘Twenty Sixty Four’

Avery*Sunshine X Twenty Sixty Four

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

Hype Hair: Do you have any hair crushes?
Avery*Sunshine: A lot of my hair crushes are on Instagram or when you “google” short haircuts. There are so many people whose names I don’t know, but they have the most amazing hair cuts.

HH: What about celeb hair crushes?
AS: The one who inspired me immediately to just let my hair free was Viola Davis. There was a picture where she looked like a goddess. She always does, but this particular picture – it made me say ‘Just let your hair grow. Whatever happens, happens.’ It was so much beauty. It didn’t look like she just got out of the bed and started moving. But, it did look like she just embraced her natural hair, her natural being and I was inspired to embrace however my hair grew out. Whatever it does, I’m going to embrace it. I’m not going to do no curly pudding to stretch it. I’m just going to allow it to be.

Avery*Sunshine x Twenty Sixty Four

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

HH: What kind of reactions have you received to your own tresses?
AS: It’s amazing, all the comments, all the feelings that are stirring about your hair. I get everything from my mom who says, ‘ I look like a rooster. (She’s almost 80, she might say anything) to the ‘I love it, how do you that? How do I get my hair to do that?’ My hair, believe it or not, has helped me be comfortable with me.

My journey with my hair has helped me be comfortable with my decisions with me and my body and my life. Because, no matter how your hair is, somebody’s not going to like it and somebody is going to like it. At the end of the day, I need to like it myself. All the other stuff is just stuff.

HH: What’s your craziest hair hack?
AS:  You know the hair sponge with the holes that you rub on your hair?  I forgot it. I think we were in Germany. I had me and my husband all over looking for that sponge. I found a scrub brush from somewhere and I cut holes in it and made my own! It took me two hours. I used the one with the yellow on the bottom and the green on the top because that was all I could find. I had yellow sponge everywhere, but it worked! [Laughter].

HH: Do you have a favorite hair moment?
AS: My favorite hair moment is right now. I’m loving the va va va voom of my natural hair. When I get up and I look in the mirror, even after all night and it’s been rubbed and looking crazy, I love how my hair looks. I don’t think I will ever go back to straightening hair.

Press play below to watch Avery and Dana perform an acoustic version of
The Ice Cream Song from Twenty Sixty Fourwhich hits stores April 21.

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