Beauty & The Beat: ‘First Family Of Hip-Hop’ Star LeA Robinson Talks New Music & Beauty Faves

LeA Robinson

HH: How would you describe your personal style?
LR: My personal style is a mixture of tomboy-chic and comfort. I always like to be super-comfortable in anything that I wear. If I’m not, it totally shows.

HH: What hairstyles are you currently into?
LR: I love to try all different types of hairstyles…I love that just switching up your hair can make you feel like a completely different person. As of right now, I’ve been loving my big, curly hair.

HH: What are some of your top favorite products for keeping your hair healthy?
LR: I’m into all-natural everything. I love putting coconut oil, green tea and apple cider vinegar in my hair. Not all at the same time [laughs]—but it just depends on what state my hair is in at the time. Sometimes it’s dry or it can be normal, so it just depends.

HH: What are some of your favorite beauty products to use when you want to glam up?
LR: I love Anastasia’s Glow Kit. I love feeling like I’m glowing when I walk into a room; it gives me so much confidence. I also cannot leave home without a clear gloss. A good lip gloss just makes me feel like a woman. As far as my hair goes, I love all of Miss Jessie’s products. They lock my curls in without making them hard, and I love that they make my hair smell so good.

HH: What is your skin-care routine?
LR: My skin is so sensitive that I can’t use just any products. Weather also is a factor when it comes to my skin routine be- cause in the summer, I’m more oily and in the winter, I’m more dry. Right now, moisturizing is key for me. I love coconut oil in the morning after I wash my face with some warm water; it seems to just sink into my skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day. I also use sunscreen. A lot of people usually don’t, especially in the wintertime, but using sunscreen is something I apply whenever the sun is out. I like to make sure my skin is always protected.

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A version of this article originally appeared in Hype Hair March 2017.

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