This Video Of Husband Taking Out His Wife’s Extensions Is Hilarious

Chris and Queen

Photo Credit: Instagram/@chrisandqueen_

When husband and wife social media duo Chris and Queen discovered it would cost $50 to take out her weave extensions, Chris decided to take matters into his own hands – literally.

The couple took to Twitter to share a video of the young father balking at the price and showing off his removal skills. With the help of an eyebrow razor, he succeeds in taking out her extensions and netting without any major fails.

“What you mean, $50? I could just do it myself,” he said. “You just cut the little strings.”

Normally, this would be relationship goals. I loved when my ex would help me take out my braids. But, I’m not sure I feel about his helpfulness being inspired by his cheapness! Nevertheless, a penny saved is a penny earned and the visuals are hilarious.

Press play below to get into the couple’s hair antics.

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