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Hype Hair : Alopecia is also a big issue we hear from our readers. What are some of the warning signs?
DeShawn Bullard: Some of the signs of alopecia are hair falling out in small round patches in random areas of the [scalp]. Hair may also come out in clumps in certain areas [of the body]. Lastly, severe hair shedding over an expanded period of time.

HH: Which, if any, of those issues are reversible?
DB: Most issues of the scalp are reversible if treated in a timely manner. That is why we recommend every customer have a hair and scalp analysis to know their follicle status even for the purposes of maintaining healthy hair.

HH: Why do you think so many women are suffering from hair loss/alopecia? 
DB: Many women are suffering from hair loss and alopecia for a number of reasons, but the top reasons are from wearing tight pulling hair styles such as weaves, braids and ponytails. The other reason is due to hormonal issues that are unknown by the client that is causing the hair loss.

HH: Besides clients suffering from hair loss, who else should come see you?
DB: Since I am a licensed cosmetologist and hair loss specialist, I can see all clients. Clients can come and see me for a basic consultation on how to keep their hair healthy.

HH: What do you wish clients knew or did before coming to see you?
DB: I wish clients knew that hair loss starts out as temporary and then becomes permanent. If the client’s hair starts shedding or breaking, she should immediately start treatment to resolve the issue. Putting a weave in the hair does not treat any hair issues – it is just a cover up and can cause more damage.

HH: Do we need to prepare before coming? If so, how?
DB: The best way to prepare for a hair and scalp analysis is to remove all hair additions. If the client has any hair fibers or color sprays on the scalp, this should be cleansed before having a hair and scalp analysis performed.

HH: What should we avoid before getting an analysis?
DB: The worst thing a client can do before coming to see me is to put color in the hair. Immediate application of color stains the scalp and doesn’t allow us to get a good look at the scalp.

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