Know Your Follicle Status: How A Hair & Scalp Analysis Can Help Restore Your Edges

DeShawn Bullard X NouriTress

Deshawn Bullard

Hype Hair: As the mastermind behind NouriTress, we know how your vitamins and hair care products help address hair and scalp issues. But what exactly do you do as a trichologist?
DeShawn Bullard: As a trichologist, my job is to perform services on the scalp that will help restore, regrow and prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

HH: One of the services you provide is giving hair and scalp analysis. What is that and why should we get one?
DB: A hair and scalp analysis involves looking at the scalp under a microscope to determine the condition of the hair and scalp to determine the best treatment methods for hair restoration and hair growth.

HH: What are you looking for in the process?
DB: When I perform a hair and scalp analysis, I am looking at a couple of things. I’m looking at the scalp to determine the normal growth pattern of the hair and to identify the capacity of strand thickness for future growth. Next, I’m looking at the scalp to determine the condition of the scalp. Looking at the scalp helps to determine if the follicles are in good condition to respond to treatment if needed. 

HH: What are the most common hair/scalp issues you see from clients?
DB: One of the most common hair and scalp issues we see from clients are scalp buildup and follicle suffocation from improper cleansing of the scalp.

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