This Leave-In Conditioner Is My New Hot Product

Haircare line Haircredible has been generating tons of buzz in the hair industry when it comes to promoting hair growth and hydrating fine and thin tresses. After being hailed by many hair gurus, I started wondering whether it could actually live up to the hype?

For many hair mavens, we can be apprehensive when to comes to adding new products into our strict regimen. I find comfort in knowing that the hair products that I’ve used for years will get the job done. But, in an effort to spread my wings and explore new products, I took the plunge for my first sample: Intense Tropical Leave-In Therapy (Haircredible, $15.99) which promised to repair and seal split ends, hydrate and control frizz.

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What first peaked my interest was its soft, fruity scent. Once I applied, I loved that the fact that its creamy texture immediately sunk into my thick hair and allowed me to finger comb my tresses with ease. Opting for a blow dry, my hair glided smoothly through the brush head and my tresses were left with a gorgeous natural shine.

After using on my wet hair once, I was surprised that my hair also gained much needed moisture that lasted almost as long as my go-to leave-in conditioner. While the line caters to people with thin and fine hair, my hair is on the thick sider and it was nice to see that this product does not discriminate!

I also found myself doing double takes in the mirror as I witnessed my leave out last throughout the day without any frizz. Humidity is not my best friend — at all — and this product gave me a whole new outlook on my hair regimen. I’m definitely glad I took a shot. With the burst of hydration and natural shine my tresses are radiating I would be foolish to not use this product again!

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