Here’s How To Slay A Nude Beat This Holiday Season

hype hair x neutral makeup
Okay, so it’s time for a new look. In the back of your mind you’re thinking about 2017 being around the corner and wondering just what will be your new way to slay! A neutral beauty presentation is great, but you have to select the right makeup and color palette that adds just the right touch of color. Too little, and you could look washed out. And, if it’s too much you defeat the whole purpose of using a neutral color palette.

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Our model here is, well, perfection. Follow her lead and check out some of our top tips on how to work it out.

nude beauty beat


  1. Start with great skin care. Remove your makeup every night and try a great night cream like Cosmedicine Night Duty.
  2. Invest in a set of quality makeup brushes to apply your cosmetics.
  3. Get flawless skin. A great BB crème like Iman may give you all of the coverage you need and offer great skin care at the same time. If not, work with a foundation that offers great coverage so that your face is given an even tone. Try Black Radiance — they cover, blend well and leave the skin looking natural.
  4. Lip colors in soft pink, taupe and caramel tones are good choices to accentuate the lips.
  5. Use deep brown, smoky grays, soft salmon and taupe colors from your eyeshadow palettes to really
    bring out the eyes. Try a rich pink for a pop of color.
  6. For more drama, use wispy false lashes and brow powder to shape the brows and make them more defined.

TIP: Apply your concealer on top of your foundation with a beauty blender. If you apply it under the foundation the concealer can be blended away easily and not do its job.

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