Hype Chat: Matthew Knowles’ Girl Group Blush Talks New Reality Show & Style Inspirations

Blush X Tali

Tali // Photo Credit: Keith Majors

HH: You recently partnered with Bunim/ Murray for your own reality show. How did this partnership come about, and can you give us a sneak peek on what we can expect from the show?
Blush: The show was an idea presented by Mr. Knowles. He wanted to document the artist development process to show the world all the things you never got to see with Destiny’s Child. In the show, you will get to see all three of our life stories along with how we became a group and the emotional rollercoaster life can put you on while trying to become the number one female hip hop group.

HH: What are some of your future goals?
Blush: Three things. We want to be headlining our own tour, releasing our full-length album, and of course becoming the A-list female hip hop group.

HH: What inspires your style individually and collectively as a group?
Sunni has a very swaggy and sporty image inspired by NWA, Run DMC and Aaliyah. Tali is very edgy and creative and is inspired by Michael Jackson, Selena and the whole ’90s hip hop era. Lastly, Bunni a.k.a. sexy Blush is inspired by Katy Perry’s playful colors, Lil Kim’s sexy swagger, and Tyra Banks’ glam. Her style is inspired by the concepts of sexy-fun and glam.

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