Hype Chat: Matthew Knowles’ Girl Group Blush Talks New Reality Show & Style Inspirations

Blushhh X Sunni

Sunni // Photo Credit: Keith Majors

HH: Tell us about the new music you are working on and what we can expect from your upcoming album?
Blush: The new music on the album is something that is fresh and new and original! Our single “Old School Back” will be included, along with other hot new music and a few familiar remakes.We promise to bring a fresh new sound along with that old school hip-hop sound to our album!

HH: How do you ladies feel about being a part of a long tradition of incredible girl groups, and what do you feel is the thing that sets you apart from the others?
Blush: We are humbled to be in the position we are all in. Being able to live out our dreams is something we never thought we’d experience. All the girl groups that came before us have inspired us in many different ways. The dynamic of Blush is very unique and different. We are a hip hop trio with two female rappers and a vocalist, which is something that’s never been done before. We plan to stay original, fun and fresh! We’re going to keep giving our fans feel- good, positive music.

HH: What is some of the best advice that your manager Matthew Knowles has given you all as you start out on this journey as a group?
Blush: One of Mr. Knowles’ key pieces of advice is to always remain humble and stay sisters. He reminds us that communication is important in any relationship and we must maintain that first. We’re lucky to have a mogul such as Mr. Knowles. Every day we learn something new, not only about being artists, but also about the importance of group camaraderie and the business side of the music industry.

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