Hype Chat: Kimberly Elise Talks Stripped-Down Beauty Regimen & Making Her Own Hair Products

Kimberly Elise X Almost Christmas

Photo Credit: Almost Christmas

Hype Hair: What do you think that audiences will most enjoy about the film?
Kimberly Elise: Seeing themselves and other family they know in it, the heartfelt sincerity in the storyline, and of course, laughing nonstop.

HH: Everyone seems to love Hit the Floor! Can you share a little about your experience on the show?
KE: The show has been a really positive and fun experience for me. I get a lot of joy working with these young actors. I love the energy and the uniqueness of the show and the opportunity for me to play a character that’s different than the ones I have played in the past.

HH: On a hair note, can you walk us through your daily hair care routine?
KE: I wear my hair natural, so I keep it simple. I believe in protective styling and gentle handling.

HH: What are some of the hair products you currently use on your natural hair?
KE: I actually make my own products. My favorite right now is an oil blend I created that seriously brings your hair back to life. I started giving it to friends and family, and they all have amazing growth. So I’m constantly making batches of it for folks.

HH: What are some of your favorite hairstyles for day to day and for the red carpet?
KE: I love updos for the red carpet. I think they are sexy, beautiful and glamorous. For day to day, either a huge puff or a halo braid around my head with fluffy bangs. Those are my two go-to looks for day to day.

HH: Last, but not least, our readers would love to know your skin care routine and beauty must-haves.
KE: Less is more. I cleanse with water in the morning and after working out. I use a cleanser before bed. Right now, I love MyChelle products. They are made with the purest, cleanest ingredients, so my skin feels clean, but not stripped.

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