Hype Chat: Tiffany Tattooz Talks Ink & Her Journey To Natural Hair

Tiffany Tattooz

Hype Hair: What are some hair products that you must have?
Tiffany Tattooz: Giovanni Cosmetics Leave-in Conditioner and Gel, DevaCurl Volumizing Foam and Flexible Hairspray and SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Conditioner.

HH: Some time ago there were whispers of you dropping your own hair product line. Is that still in the works?
TT: Absolutely! I have contacted a manufacturer in regards to the production of it, but they were pretty stern about their laboratory changing the formula I created. I refuse to change my formula because it is made with all natural and plant-based ingredients, which is an important factor for me. I am con dent and satis ed with my hair product formula I created. So I’m just waiting for a better opportunity, perfect timing and an open manufacturer to work with when the moment presents itself.

HH: What’s your secret for your flawless skin?
 I use rosewater as a toner for my face. I exfoliate my skin weekly with sugar scrubs and I use raw shea butter on my skin.

HH: What advice can you give our readers about hair and beauty care?
TT: Try and test out different products. See what works for your hair, beauty care, etc. What may have worked for someone else’s hair may have not worked for me. So I tried different products out and, in turn, found my daily regimen that works for me. Also, do research. But, most importantly, learn about what is being put in your products. There are ingredients in hair care and beauty care products that are not even safe, and may not react well for you, your skin or your hair. This is why I always go the natural route with everything.

HH: Tattooing can be a 24/7 career—especially for you since you are both a tattoo artist and a tattoo shop owner. How are you able to keep a stable regimen for both your hair and personal beauty with your hectic schedule?
TT: Well, I definitely have to set time in the morning to work on my hair. It’s like a job in itself. Just like people wear makeup or eat every day, I have to take care of my hair every day. If I don’t, then damage to my hair will instantly show. So it’s very important that I take care of my hair. Luckily, it takes a much shorter time to do my hair than a tattoo [laughs].

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