Here’s How To Create These Kid-Friendly Puff Ball Ponytails [VIDEO]

Shanillia's Puffed Ponytails

Photo Credit: Instagram/@shanillia26

Cute kiddie style alert! We found this great hairstyle online and had to share how Instagram user Shanillia26 created these throwback puffed ponytails.

Not only is this a fairly quick style (60-90 minutes), it can last for up two weeks while protecting the hair. Inspired by a style her mother used to create on her, Shanillia26 walked fans through creating the easy look at home.

Before you start, here are the tools you need:

  • A comb
  • Paddle brush
  • Your favorite water-based leave-in conditioner
  • Rubber bands
  • Braid cuffs
Puffed ponytails X Shanillia26

Photo Credit: Instagram/@Shanillia26

  1. Starting on freshly watched and stretched hair, part the hair into desired section, brush through conditioner and loosely band the base of the ponytail.
  2. Add a second rubber band about an inch or two down and puff hair in between.
  3. Continue adding rubber bands for the length of the hair, making sure they are not too tight. “We don’t want to rip out the edges or put extra stress on the hair.”
  4. At the end of each ponytail, add extra conditioner and twisted and fold the tips upwards into the rubber band to protect the ends and avoid frizzing.
  5. Shanillia26 then added four flat twists to the left side which were also banded up.
  6. Once finished, she added a few braid cuffs to jazz up the look.
Shanillia's Puffed Ponytails

Photo Credit: Instagram/@shanillia26

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