Hype Chat: ‘X Factor UK’ Alum Fleur East Talks Music, Curls and Beauty Must-Haves

Fleur East

HYPE HAIR: Tell us how you got involved in the music business.
Fleur East: I always had a passion for music and loved to sing from a young age. I started performing and made my way into the industry through doing different shows around the UK and Europe. I did a lot of backing singing for artists and featured on songs until I got my break.

HH: How did your latest project come together?
FE: I was fortunate to get signed by Simon Cowell’s label (Syco) and the project came together naturally. I had so much fun working on my debut album and it is a true re ection of me as an artist and a person.

HH: How do you maintain your hair?
FE: I wet and comb it through in the shower, then I use Miss Jessie’s Curl product and leave it to dry naturally.

HH: Do you have any favorite hairstyles?
FE: I’ve been rocking my natural curls since school! Partly because I’m lazy, but also because I learned to embrace my natural hair. I love to leave it wild and free, but also love braiding sections.

HH: How do you feel about wigs and weaves?
FE: I think they are incredible! Some wigs and weaves that I see on celebrities look amazing, really natural and people have so much fun being creative with them.

HH: What is the most fun you ever had with one?
FE: I remember before a show once, I put on a short black bob wig for rehearsals. It was so funny because no one recognized me!

HH: What’s the best advice you can share on hair?
FE: It’s important to treat your hair every two weeks or once a month to keep it in good condition. Especially if you color your hair, which I do, it’s important to keep it moisturized. Also, excessive heat is quite damaging, so always protect your hair. For me, natural is always best—how can you improve on what nature has given you?

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