Why You Should Never Share This Beauty Tool

beauty productsSharing is not caring when it comes to beauty. Yes, we can share tips, hair products, even clothes, but when it comes to what we put on our skin, we need to be careful. Makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can create all sorts of skin woes like acne, pinkeye, or worse, cold sores. So, it’s important to know what you can really share – and how. In a recent segment, the ladies of ‘The Real’ give us straight talk on how to properly share some beauty products.

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For items like lip and eye pencils, the key is to use a sanitized sharpener to shave the pencil before using, and spraying alcohol on other products like eyelash curlers and powder eyeshadows.

But, the one tool they said you should never share is a facial cleansing brush. “It’s a breeding ground for all the dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria that it removes from your face on a daily basis,” said co-host Jeannie Mai. “The The last thing you need is someone else’s muck getting trapped in your bristles and then tarnishing your skin game!”

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