Hype Chat: Larry Sims Talks Creating Hair Magic With Gabrielle Union & Embracing Our Imperfections

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle’s half-up, half down ‘do // Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hype Hair: What are your go-to products when styling her hair?
Larry Sims: I use a lot of Smooth ‘N Shine products on her. Their Polishing Instant Repair Hair Polisher gives us a really nice shine. And, I use their Intense Moisture Deep Recovery Treatment prior to blowing and pressing her out. From Göt2b, I use their Mess-Merizing Texturizing Hairspray. It makes the hair fuller and more voluminous.

HH: What hair trends are you enjoying right now?
LS: An ongoing trend that will never go away is women embracing their natural hair textures. More and more women are doing it and are comfortable in that space. And, also, playing with color. I’m loving seeing the color choices that girls are making.

HH: What trend do you wish would end?
LS: I do wish hard hair would go away. Hair should be soft and touchable. A lot of women are overusing products, we have to get rid of that.

HH: So, what should we be doing with our hair?
LS: Women should embrace imperfection. With the winter, a lot of girls are going to be rocking hats and scarves and head wraps, which is dope. But, when you take those things off, you want to be able to have a shape and style that you don’t feel like ‘Oh my God, I look nuts after i take my hat off.’’ And those styles can also compliment you when working out.

If you are embracing imperfection and frizziness and your textures with cool shapes, whether it’s long or short – less perfect hair will lend itself to creatively rock fashion in a different way for the fall.

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