7 Tips To Help Stop Your Hair From Breaking

shower cap

Deep Condition With Moist Heat
It’s not enough to just put the conditioner on your strands. “In order to really get the ingredients to absorb into hair strands and scalp for increasing hair strength apply moist heat instead of the dryer heat,” said Dr. Maclin. So, no, don’t grab a dryer. After finger combing through your favorite conditioner, cover your head with a plastic cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes.

As our readers know, moisture is key for healthy hair. Dr. Maclin’s favorite tip for dry hair is “heavily applying basic olive oil and sleeping under a plastic cap the night before shampooing.” She also recommends applying a daily moisturizer, paying closing attention to the ends, as they “are more prone to break when too dry.”

Nourish Your Roots
Dr. Maclin also advises that we also take a hair and scalp vitamin to feed our hair roots. “Hair grows from a root within your scalp, so you must take care of it on the inside as well to reduce hair from coming out even more.”

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