9 Salon Sins Hairstylists Wish You Would Stop Committing

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Bad Mouthing Previous Stylists
If you are bad mouthing your previous stylist, chances are you will do the same to your current stylist. Not a good look.

Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone
Excessive, loud conversations while getting your hair done are just annoying – especially if you don’t have headphones. Texting can also be no-no if it causes you to move your head. And, never, ever, hold a conversation on speaker. Try to limit your phone conversations and stay engaged and present in the chair. This can help you stay focused on your ‘do, as well. 

Constantly Moving Your Head
Don’t fidget, move around or search your purse without giving your stylist a heads up — especially if they have a pair of scissors in their hand. You don’t want a jacked up cut or, worse, to get cut. This is also an issue for weaves or braids. When your stylist turns or tilts your head, keep it like that. You don’t want to get stuck by a needle or end up with crooked cornrows. Be still!

Do you have any must-stop hair sins that we didn’t list? If so, sound off below and let us know!

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