Would You Try Water-Only Washing?

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When it comes to natural hair, there are all sorts of tips and tricks to help naturalistas achieve their best hair ever. From oil treatments and hair mayonnaise to co-washing and everything in between, natural hair lovers are dipping their hands in any method necessary to achieve healthy hair. One such method is water-only washing.

Washing hair with plain water has been in the natural hair community for quite sometime, but it has recently become a big hit as it allows the body’s naturally produced sebum to evenly distribute the scalp to hair ends.

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Sebum is a naturally oily or waxy substance our bodies produce to lubricate and waterproof our skin and hair. Women with straight hair have no problem with their hair absorbing the oily substance because it travels with ease from root to tip. However, less sebum travels down the shaft of natural kinks and curls. This in turn makes our hair drier than other textures.

If this sounds like something you’d try, click through to watch a quick tutorial by natural hair blogger Natural85 and for step-by-step instructions.

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