Hype Chat: ‘WAGS’ Star Sasha Gates Talks Beauty Must-Haves & Using Her Hair Line To Inspire Women

Sasha Gates x WAGS

Photo Credit: Mike Windle/NBCUniversal via Getty Image

Sasha Gates is currently starring in the second season of the E! hit reality series “WAGS” which premieres June 26. The show tackles the world of professional athletes and the strong women behind the sports stars. WAGS puts the spotlight on Sasha as a dedicated wife to her husband, five-time All Pro San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and mother to their two children, daughter Ayla, two years, and son Aven, seven months.

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Sasha also has a thriving music career. She is breathing life into R&B with her emotional, heartfelt melodies and irresistible beats. The Trinidadian artist recently released her first single, “Oh Yeah My Hitta,” which features a classic, soulful R&B sound combined with fresh pop lyrics. Sasha is currently focusing on completing her debut album, due to release this year.

We caught up with Sasha to find out more about her world.

-Karen Harris

Hype Hair: How has your experience on the show been?
Sasha Gates: A blessing in disguise. You never know how things like this are going to unravel, how people are going to react when you let them into the most intimate parts of your life, but it has been fun! I have so many supportive fans and my fellow WAGS have become some of my closest friends.

HH: Tell us about your new music and what inspired it.
SG: I have always loved music. My father is an incredible musician, so I grew up around music. I always say, even if I couldn’t sing I still would! I don’t have one artist in particular who influences me, I am influenced by all kinds of music from reggae to pop, and I am inspired by a variety of sounds and instruments. Check out my new single, “Oh Yeah, My Hitta” on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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