Spice Up Your Updo With This Back Braided Top Knot

Kelly McCreary x 2016 Entertainment Weekly & People New York Upfront

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Top knots have become one of the hottest, go-to looks of the season. Celebs can heat up the red carpet while keeping cool with the trendy ‘do. “Grey’s Anatomy” star Kelly McCreary, who’s know for rocking her naturally textured tresses, rocked the look, but with an added twist.

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Her stylist and Monae Everett spiced up the look by adding a back braided Dutch braid (which leaves out hair in the middle of the braid). This versatile look is also great for everyday slayage, keeping hair off the neckline and fares well with hi-neck and low-cut looks.

Kelly McCreary

Photo Credit: Monaé Everett

Luckily for us, the Stunning Braids author Everett shares how to create this edgy look at home.

Get The Look

  1. First, she blow dried McCreary’s hair straight with a wrap lotion like Motions Foaming Wrap, hair protectant and a flat brush.
  2. Next part two triangular sections, one on each side, from the top of the ear to the center of the head.
  3. Secure the rest of the hair in a clip or loose ponytail to keep out of the way.
  4. Now, using those two sections create a Dutch braid by braiding from the nape of the neck up toward the center of the head.
  5. Apply a small amount of edge tamer to the hairline and brush the remaining hair as well as the braid into a ponytail at the top of the head.
  6. Gently pancake hair by pulling on the braid to widen for a more editorial look.
  7. Twist the hair in the ponytail into a topknot and secure with hair pins and finish off with hairspray.



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