Stylist Calls Woman’s Natural Hair “An Animal That Can’t Be Tamed”

Bianca Dawkins

Photo Credit: Bianca Dawkins/City Pages

Another salon is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after calling a woman’s natural hair everything but beautiful. Minneapolis-based Denny Kemp Salon and Spa has been put on blast after telling would-be client Bianca Dawkins her natural hair is “an animal that can’t be tamed.”

This revelation came after Dawkins set up a hair appointment, laying out all of her hair concerns and giving full details on the kinks and coils of her hair. The 24-year-old told City Pages that when she arrived to get her hair straightened, the stylist refused — even bringing over other stylists to wonder over her natural tresses.

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When asked whether Black girls can get their hair done at the salon, Dawkins said the stylist replied, “Well, it isn’t the 1950s or ’60s, where we can just put up a sign in the window.”

Here is Dawkins’ “untamable” hair:

Bianca Dawkins

Photo Credit: Bianca Dawkins/City Pages

We don’t see the the problem with her hair. But, even if we did, no one should be made to walk out of any salon made to feel shame for sporting the tresses growing out of their hair. Thankfully, Dawkins shouldn’t have issues finding a new stylist to wash and flat iron her tresses.

“It surprises me that race was even a factor here,” said Dawkins. “I’ve had probably 20 people reach out to me to offer their services, and 80 percent of them are white.”

After facing social media backlash, the salon has issued Dawkins a public apology and is “moving forward with education, awareness, and a renewed commitment to serving all people in our diverse community.”

The stylist, however, has not been fired.

What are your thoughts? Should all stylists be able to style natural hair?

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