Beyoncé Gives Thumbs Up Approval To Fans’ Afros

Ribicca Mamuye X Hamdi Mohamed

Photo Credit: Ribicca Mamuye

Blogger Ribicca Mamuye and Hamdi Mohamed were in #beyhive heaven after seeing Beyoncé in concert at CenturyLink Field in Seattle earlier this month. Queen Bey, herself, spotted the two during her May 18 performance and shouted them out for their larger-than-life textured tresses.

Mamuye later took to Instagram to share the moment of Beyoncé giving them a thumbs up for their afros.

Mamuye told Buzzfeed she was at first reluctant to wear her afro out and eventually tied it up to avoid complaints from those around her. “My hair is big, so I tied up my hair to stop bothering the people behind me,” she said.

Mohamed, however, nixed that idea. I literally took the hair tie out of her hair.,” said Mohamed. “I said: ‘Your hair is beautiful, let it out.'”

Mumaye said she was moved by Beyonce’s acknowledgement because “as young women of colour, the work Beyoncé has done is really inspiring. It’s one thing to be that close to Beyoncé and for her to take two seconds [to] compliment you… It’s so surreal.”

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