This Video Drives Home Connection Between Weaves & Hair Loss

Time after time, social media has revealed the dangers of keeping your weave installations in past the recommended time of 6-8 weeks. Research also shows that, far too often, our hairstyles are responsible for much of our hair struggles, including traction alopecia. From molded and matted hair to lost edges, there are serious consequences for rocking too-tight braids and improperly maintained weaves.

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The latest video to drive home this point shows Atlanta-area stylist Jasmine Collins aka Razor Chic talking to a client suffering from severe hair loss about her weave journey. The unnamed 23-year-old woman reveals she’s been wearing sew-ins, quick weaves and wigs for the past five years. This has resulted in bald patches on more than half of her scalp, including her hairline and the top center of her head.

Collins blames the continued use of such hair damaging techniques stems from an “addiction of hair extensions as a source of making [women] look good and feel good.” However, as this video proves, it ultimately has a reverse effect.

Razor Chic Atlanta

Photo Credit: Instagram/@razorchicofatlanta/

Collins also showed that it is possible to style the damaged hair until it grows back (if possible). She posted the above image of the woman’s hair after she colored, cut and styled it without adding any extensions.

“My goal is to educate and show women that healthy hair is possible,” said Collins. “When I’m behind the chair and faced with a hair tragedy, like the young women seen on my social media page, I aim to restore hope, rehabilitate the addiction; and provide her with the hair transformation that empowers and frees her from her hair loss horror story.”

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