LoveBrownSugar’s Christina Brown Teams With Dove To Encourage Women To #LoveYourHair

Christina Brown

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Hype Hair: What does beautiful hair look like on you?
Christina Brown: For me, my interpretation of what beautiful hair is. even on myself, changes. One day, I could be rocking my cornrows. Another day, I could be rocking my box braids and the next day I could be rocking straight silky hair just because I feel like it. I’m big on versatility. My interpretation of beautiful hair changes with my mood.

HH: What would you like to see come out of your involvement?
CB: For my readers and for our generation, in general, what I want to see is people come to really appreciate the hair that grows out of their head. However that looks, however that feels, however much it might be work to maintain. Embracing it and loving it, because it’s never going to change. How your hair grows out of your head is pretty much going to be consistent your entire life. So, if there is some aspect that you don’t like, there is some aspect of you that you don’t like.

HH: Powerful! What else would you like to see change?
CB: Also, what I would hope happens is that people stop judging so much how people choose to wear their hair and attaching that to how they feel about themselves. I hate that there is this stigma [that says] because I am naturally curly and I decide to straighten my hair one day or I decide to color it a different color, then all of a sudden I am not embracing who I am or I don’t love myself. I hate that. Some people view hair as an accessory and they love to to switch it up depending on their mood. I would hope people think before they judge how they believe someone thinks about themselves based on how they are wearing their hair. It could just be that they like their hair that way and not that they hate themselves.

HH: Now that you have a young daughter, how would you like to see the hair conversation evolve as she gets older?
CB: It’s very important for me to instill in my daughter an appreciation for her hair. My hope is that 15-20 years from now when she graduates from college, that she doesn’t have to make decisions on whether or not she needs to relax her hair or straighten it in order to fit in at a workplace. My hope is that by that time, society will have evolved so that everyone can really wear their hair however they want and not have to shape it or mold it depending on what room they’re in. I hope that’s what comes of these campaigns – that people are more sensitive to the fact that you can wear your hair different ways. It doesn’t mean anything about your intelligence or your self love or anything like that. It’s just hair. [Laughs] We’ve got a lot of work to do!

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