LoveBrownSugar’s Christina Brown Teams With Dove To Encourage Women To #LoveYourHair

Christina Brown

LoveBrownSugar’s Christina Brown is known for serving up healthy doses of Black girl magic. Using fashion and beauty as a platform, she has become a vocal advocate for empowering women to love the skin they’re in. It only makes sense that she’s now teamed up with Dove Hair’s #LoveYourHair campaign to encourage women to celebrating all hair types, colors and textures.

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Last month, Dove released their research statistics to a collective gasp. Most women (81%) don’t think they have beautiful hair. Approximately 75% would feel better about who they were if they didn’t feel judged about their hair. And the conversations started – on and offline. Yes, it’s just hair. But it’s so much more than that.

So, when we caught up with Brown, we dove deep into the conversation about the importance of loving our God-given tresses, what really makes hair beautiful and the kind of hair conversations she hopes her own daughter has when she grows up.

Hype Hair: We’re excite about the conversations that are growing around loving our hair. How did you get involved with Dove’s campaign?
Christina Brown: It really started last year with their #LoveYourCurls campaign to encourage women to embrace their natural curls. I was one of the influencers that spoke out a lot about that particular campaign because it was definitely near and dear to my heart — especially now that I am raising my own daughter and making sure that she is excited about her curls and embracing her natural curls. Now, it has just kind of evolved into an overall campaign about loving your hair, regardless of what style or shape or color it is. I am excited about it. I think it’s going to be really empowering to a lot of women.

Hype Hair: Your site LoveBrownSugar is like an ode to women to celebrate their beauty, so this collaboration seems very natural!
CB: I’ve actually been a very big fan of Dove campaigns for a while now because everything that I do on my blog is about style and beauty through the lens of self empowerment. That’s something that I’ve been very passionate about. Many of Dove’s campaign involve beauty through empowerment in someway shape or form. Knowing that their mission is really to empower women of all walks of life — that’s something I’ve loved.

HH: To be honest, when I think of Dove, I think about their body and empowerment, not necessarily hair products. Can you tell us about them?
CB: A lot of people know Dove for the body products, but they have a really great range of hair products as well. Last year, they came out with a range of Quench Absolute products that are specifically geared towards curly hair.

HH: Do you have any faves?
CB: One of the products that I really love from that line is the mask. They have a great deep condition mask and also this really great crème serum that’s great for refreshing your curls. It’s like a leave-in conditioner for curls. They have quite a few different products are that are specifically geared for curly hair and an overall hair care line.

HH: In the campaign’s promo materials, Dove showed screen grabs of what Google defined as beautiful hair. How would you define beautiful hair?
CB: I consider beautiful hair to be healthy hair. It’s hair that the person really loves. There can be a lot of different interpretations of what beautiful is it. To me, it has more to do with the confidence that you exude and how much you love it and how much that shows in your demeanor and how you wear it, than with the actual type of hair or color of hair. I think there is just so much beautiful hair out there and it’s really about ‘okay is she wearing a smile on her face, is it something that makes her happy?’ That, in turn, is what makes you look beautiful. When you have that bit of confidence.

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