Hype Chat: The Stylist Behind Erica Campbell’s Hair Line Talks Vegan Hair, Trends And How Tell If You’ve Got A Good Weave

Vernon Martin

HH: The Erica By Erica Campbell line also includes wigs. How can we be sure of a good fit if ordering from online?
VM: The everyday woman, like my mother, I know she would not know how to measure her head for a wig. I could send her all the tape measuring I want and she’s going to sit there and look at that tape and say ‘what the heck am I doing?’ So [for wigs], we only do small, medium and large. Most women know what size their head is and know what they need. They have combs in them and adjustable bands. So, even if they get them a tad bit big, they can still maneuver to fit their heads.

HH: What hair trends should we expect from now through summer?
VM: I hate to say what everyone is saying, but I love it: the bob is back. I’ve always been a bob fan – even whey they claimed it was out, I still would do them. To me, there is no real trend. It’s do what you feel that works best for you.

I love the very short, curly looks with flat irons. I think that’s going to be in for in a minute. They are actually going more and more back to finger waves and curly weaves for the summer. Women are going for the kinky curly look because they want that natural look, but they don’t think their hair could look the way they want [on their own].

HH: Any other trends?
VM: I think the ‘70s looks are coming back. With that the very big bold curly, big bushy hair and very straight hair, very Cher or very mod — late ‘60s, early ‘70s. You are going to see a lot of big bushy hair. They are pulling the flexirods back out. All that’s coming back. And color – more women are going into color. I’ve had 50-year-old women who want pink hair!

HH: What styles do you, personally, like to see on women?
VM: Short hair. That’s what I’ve become known for, cutting. I love short hair. I love to cut it. I love to see what it can do.You want that shag haircut, the cropped hair cut, you want that pixie cut. You are going to wear it and wear it well. I love when people see my work, they are stopping and asking ‘who cut your hair?’ – not ‘who did your hair, but who cut your hair?’

HH: So is that another hair trend you’re seeing?
VM: A lot of women are coming away from hot curlers. If you can mess your fingers in it and take a quick flat iron to it and go, they are very happy with that. It’s been a lot easier for us stylists. [Clients] want less and less. That’s why you have to give them a good haircut. They don’t want to have to do too much maintenance when they go home. If you give your client a good haircut, then she won’t have to.

HH: What else are you working on?
VM: My product line. My first thing will be a reconstructing oil, like a hot oil treatment, for women of all ethnicities for color treated and damaged, heat and over processed hair. More women of other ethnicities are learning they can do oil treatments, as well.

I’m trying to find to just get that thing that fills the hair and helps protect it from all that color and chemical processes. It has a special ingredient made from a palm nut tree out of Africa. I deal with this chemist from there and I’m trying to get the right consistency. Right now, it’s only conducive for coarse, thick hair and I want everyone to be able to use it. We’re also working on a shampoo and conditioner, too, but the oil will be out this year along with some other things I can’t share just yet!

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