School Tells 9-Year-Old Her Afro Puffs Are ‘Not Acceptable’

Marian Reed daughter

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Yet another school is taking aim at little girls with natural hair. This time, Texas-based school district Belson is guilty of pulling a third grade student out of gym class because her small afro puffs were not in compliance with the school dress code.

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The young girl’s mother Marian Reed was called in to the school and asked to change her hair, which brought her daughter to tears.

“She cried and said no one was going to want to be her friend because her hair was not as pretty as the assistant principal’s,” Reed said in an interview with KCEN. “And, as a parent, that’s heartbreaking because that’s just what God naturally gave her.”

The school’s dress code prohibits both mohawks and fauxhawks, but Reed believes her daughter was targeted because of her natural hair adding that no one complained when her hair was in the same style with longer, synthetic braids.

“They could have called me and discussed it with me without pulling her out of class and without having that conversation in front of her because now she’s questioning her natural image.” Reed said. “And, at nine years old, she’s going to remember that for the rest of her life.”

Reed also recommended that the school go through diversity training to help the school district be more sensitive to other cultures. Do you think the girls’ afro puffs were “hawk-ish” enough to warrant being pulled out of class?

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