Claire Sulmers Teams With Dark & Lovely To Launch #LoveMyColor Campaign

Claire Sulmers

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HH: How did color enter the picture?
CS: I was figuring out how to distinguish myself. My hair has been brown and I’ve done red and it’s been platinum blonde and this is one that has gotten the best responses. I debuted my blonde hair during fashion week four years ago. It was just like coming out and making a statement and assuming that space as a pro blogger and digital influencer that people want to follow. Who knew that blonde locs would be that one particular asset that comes to distinguishing my look?

HH: What advice do you have for women looking for the own way to stand out?
CS: At the end of the day, it’s all about relying on a great hairstylist or colorist and getting their input. I encourage anyone to just be adventurous – even in fashion. There are a lot of things that I wear that are sometime a little bit of risk. Just try it out — sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Try out different things and after you try, figure out what it the best fit for you. I would encourage everyone to try different things out and go bold and try out different colors. Don’t be afraid.

HH: The color wheel on your site gives us great tips on what color combos go well together. In addition to that, what colors should we be looking forward to this season?
CS: White is great for the spring. And florals. We did have a moment when it was very color blocking heavy. [Now], I think people are more about doing the muted tones, the more monochromatic looks, the pale pinks, the nudes and the blushes. It kind of all segues to the hair color, because when you have that kind of subdued ensemble you can make even more of a statement with your hair and accessories and those great accents.

HH: So, tell us, what’s your #LoveMyColor?
CS: My color is bomb…bombshell blonde!

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