Erykah Badu Rocks Big Hair For ‘FADER’ Cover

Erykah Badu x The Fader

Photo Credit: The FADER / Jody Rogac

Erykah Badu is all hair on the cover of FADER’s April/May producer issue. The godmother of soul js captivating draped in all white, on a white bed with raw eye makeup and lots of gold arm candy. Her larger-than-life textured tresses were styled by Urania Terrell in classic Badu fashion – wild, big and free.

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Inside, the magazine gives an intimate view into the world of Ms Badu on the eve and day of her 45th birthday celebration where she talks politics, Black Lives Matter and social media. Not one to mince words, she also stood by her tweets agreeing that young girls should wear longer skirts in school.

“I was reporting, I was not supporting,” said Badu. “It’s possible to understand the psyche behind behavior without condoning the behavior. I don’t have anything to apologize for. I don’t mean to take anything back…Expressing our pain and anger for something can make us very delicate. I’m very sensitive about it now—more than before. My whole objective is to create a dialogue. That’s always my main goal…”

Click through to check out more images from the cover story, including her braiding her youngest daughter Mars’ hair into two long pigtails.

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