3 Reasons To Add Hemp Oil To Your Hair Regimen

big, curly, textured hair

Photo Credit: Glenford Nunez

420 day is in full effect and whether you’re like of many celebs who are lighting up to celebrate the green occasion — or nah –, your hair can still benefit from the non-smokeable part of the ever-controversial cannabis plant.

Made by pressing seeds from the plant, hemp seed does not contain TCH, so, no, your hair won’t get lifted from the oil. But it does have some hair raising properties to get you happy. Besides it being completely legal, hemp seed oil is high in omega fatty acids and ceramides which are good for the hair, skin and body – it can even help prevent cancer. Its lipids are also nearly identical to our own, which allows hemp to easily penetrate and lubricate cells, as well as detoxify the skin.

So, if medicinal marijuana isn’t on your list, click through for three benefits you can reap by adding hemp oil to your regimen for healthy hair.

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