5 Habits Of A Successful Hairstylist

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1. Be on point!
You’re selling beauty, so be marketable. Look like a rock star stylist! Your own style should attract people. That is the money maker.

2. Have a niche.
Focus on what you do great and capitalize on it! Set yourself apart by your specialty. If you’re great at updos, do more updos and let that cause you to stand out.

3. Make your guests/clients feel special when they’re with you.
You’re their treat. They may have saved just to come and see you. Let it be a relaxing and pampering experience for them. Offer special treats at your station, give a brief shoulder massage, or touch up their makeup at the end of their service.

4. Put your clients on a regimen.
Let them know you care about their hair by educating them on what to use, how to maintain their hair at home, and schedule their next visit with you before they leave. If you have clients you haven’t seen in a while, send them a note and let them know you’d like to see them again.

5. Promote yourself.
Make sure you have a presence on and off line. Look for local women’s groups in your area and volunteer to speak and educate them on hair and beauty maintenance. Pass out your cards. When you share your professional knowledge at no cost, people are comfortable and willing to trust you!

What successful habits do you have as a stylist? Share with us below…

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Kunita is a licensed stylist, YouTuber, speaker, and blogger. She works as a stylist, colorist, and texture specialist at Estetica Salon & Spa in St. Paul, MN. Kunita's tag line is "Embrace Your Own Natural". She hosts natural hair events and meet-ups in her area to encourage women to embrace, enjoy and appreciate their own individual natural hair and beauty.