Hollywood Style: Eve’s Tips For A Healthy Weave

Eve x Premiere Of New Line Cinema's "Barbershop: The Next Cut"

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

One of our faves from Philly, Eve is a musical icon in the industry and coupled with acting roles and her fashion expertise, her accomplishments are many. She’s now showcasing her talents in the must-see film Barbershop: The Next Cut which hits theaters Friday, April 15. Eve is reprising her role as Terri, the female barber who can hang with the boys and always gets her style right!

We recently caught up with the industry vet for a quick chat about her beauty and style routine.

HH: How do you maintain your hair?
Eve: I get protein treatments every few weeks.

HH: Is your hair natural or relaxed?
Eve: Natural.

HH: What are your favorite hairstyles?
Eve: I love weaves and wigs, especially when working on set.

HH: Do you have any advice about wigs and extensions?
Eve: Never let anyone braid your hair too tight and always nourish your hair underneath.

HH: What cosmetics work best for you?
Eve: I use MAC and Bobbi Brown.

HH: How do you keep your skin so lovely?
Eve: I use scrub gloves every day; I dry brush and moisturize after with body oil or coconut.

HH: Do you have a special diet?
Eve: Just lots of water, exercise and clean eating.

HH: What motivates you?
Eve: Making sure that I am the happiest, healthiest person I can be for myself and my husband.

HH: What’s up next for you?
Eve: Hopefully, some babies!

HH: Any words of wisdom for our readers?
Eve: Always be true to yourself!

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