Beauty & The Beat: Fantine Dishes On Her Electrified Curls And Sound


HH: How would you describe your personal style?
Fantine: For the most part, I like it to be like a classy type of look, but at the same time it still needs to be feminine and sexy. I like to see like a splash of color, so I’m not all black and white. I’m pretty dynamic in that sense. Thankfully, I’ve had the help of my mother. She’s really good at that. She’s been there to help me with my wardrobe and my styling.

HH: Who does your hair?
Fantine: You won’t believe it, but I don’t really have a regular hairdresser. Sometimes, because my hair is curly and I can get away with it, I’ll just snip my own ends— which is terrible. I do not recommend that anyone do that [laughs]. I read a lot of hair blogs and I go on YouTube and look at hair videos, especially relating to curly haired girls, and they’ve been very helpful.

HH: How do you feel about wigs, weaves and extension pieces?
Fantine: To be honest, I’m not huge on weaves. I tried to do a weave once, and I couldn’t handle it for more than a week. I have incredible respect for women that can handle it for more than a week at a time, and actually go back to it. I cannot do it. But, I also think that there are all these other alternatives. If you can’t handle a weave, you can go with a wig.

There are so many options that I don’t see why people should limit themselves to just one way. The only thing I don’t go for as much is chemical straightening just because I’ve had not-so-great experiences with it when I was younger. I’ve had a burned scalp and hair falling out. I don’t think it was necessarily the product, but it was because I was living in Australia and they’re not as accustomed to doing that sort of job there.

HH: What’s the best advice you can share on hair?
Fantine: I think it would probably be to be kind to your hair. Sometimes, at least for Black women, we usually become impatient with it. I think we need to be kind and patient with it, and it will kind of reward you.

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