Beauty & The Beat: Fantine Dishes On Her Electrified Curls And Sound


Hype Hair: Tell us about your debut album I Am Fantine. Is it a mixture of music you brought over from Australia and the new stuff that you’re working on with the Estefans?
Fantine: Yes, it’s exactly that. The album is a lot of stuff that I created with Emilio and his team of writers and producers, and that was amazing because I was able to do something that I haven’t done before, and that is to really embrace my Latin side and use that as an influence. Living in Australia, I’ve never really done that.

In addition to that, I was able to bring from Australia some of the music that I’ve already recorded and produced to add them to existing song lists. There will be two songs that were written for me by Gloria and [her daughter] Emily Estefan. Those things are more or less the more exciting parts of it. The other exciting part of it is that the album is bilingual, so there will be songs in English and songs in Spanish, which is kind of cool.

HH: You also got to work with Wyclef Jean. What were those studio sessions like?
Fantine: The studio sessions were like sitting in someone’s living room [laughs]. It was a really cool vibe, and he made you feel relaxed when he was around. And his engineer, they were both really good people, and that sort of contributed to the ease of the whole process. We went in there, talked a little bit, got to know one another, and we just got down to business, which was not really business. It was more like chilling out and writing songs. Two songs came out of that.

HH: We love your full, fabulous hair. What are some must-have products you use to maintain your hair?
Fantine: My thing is to use a really mild shampoo and a really strong conditioner. Then you have to have a water-based moisturizer, and some kind of oil, like coconut oil or argan oil.

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