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5 Emotional Stages Of A Haircut

Sisters With Beauty // Butterfly Transition

Photo Credit: E.Y.E Imagery Studios


Walking through the hallways at my office got me all wound up. I was a ball of nerves as new onlookers got a glimpse of my new cut. Stares, looks, and glares did something to me. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without seeing someone who would let me know they too noticed my new cut. Hearing unsolicited thoughts about my new cut did something to me. I was just coming out fear. Hearing others talk about my hair as if I’d asked them what they thought only raised my level of anxieties. This feeling truly took me by surprise.

Normally, I couldn’t have cared less about what others thought, but this cut made me feel exposed. Anxiety, brought on by what others think as opposed to what we think or know for ourselves. If you, too, are sitting in level 2, try to close your ears to others’ opinions. Although not always easy, I think the sooner I did this the quicker I graduated out of this level.

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